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How To Get Out of a Rut

It’s so easy to get down these days.

That’s precisely why, for our sake, you shouldn’t.

We need more happy people 

Emotions are contagious

To spread joy, you first must be joyous yourself. That’s not easy.

It’s hard work to be happy. It takes a conscious discipline.

So how do you find the will power when you’re down and out to put in the work to snap out of it?

Ask A Bigger Question

The question, “What can I do so that I am happy?” might not be big enough.

Often times, the struggle takes more energy than we can muster if the focus of the reward is only on the self.

Try changing the question to, “What can I do so that my friends and family are happy?”

Let your first answer to that question be “be happy myself.” Know that your positive energy will raise the collective mood.

Having this expanded scope of focus gives you more motivation to put in the work to raise your emotional state so that you can raise the emotional state of those around you.

My Dark Day Routine

I have dark days. Sometimes there’s a reason, but sometimes I have no idea why I feel hopeless. I just do.

I used to passively ride those days out, but that only prolongs them for me and spreads them to others.

So I developed a routine that works (for me). It’s weird and incredibly difficult to “want” to do it. Particularly on the days when I need it most.

During my latest dark spell, I powered through my routine and then made the following fast paced clip describing my routine and philosophy.

I hope it serves as a reminder to myself, and you, of our duty to put in the work and raise the collective mood.


It’s not possible to be happy all the time, but we can certainly try.

Thanks for reading (and watching) and I’m wishing all of us increased happiness from here on out. 💪

Disclaimer: This routine is helpful, but you may also want to look into professional help. Luckily, there are many online therapy options that you can utilize during this pandemic.


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