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Kelvin Boon, Asks the Question: So You Want to Become a Model?

Close your eyes and imagine this scene…

You’re in Paris. It’s late September. The fashion week has just kicked off, and you’re up to strut your stuff down the runway in front of you. You are wearing the latest designer clothes, tailored specially for you, the latest styles that everyone is dying to get their hands on.

Press and photographers are desperate to capture your every move. Onlookers watch in awe at the way you radiate your style and confidence. Class and elegance are almost physically dripping from your outfit, and you know that your latest look will be all over the cover of the hottest fashion magazine next month. This is all before you jet off at the end of the week for a luxurious getaway, before back to the following exotic location for another week of being the center of attention.

This may sound like a dream to thousands of young men and women all over the world, and it is! But the difference for some men and women is that this dream continues long after their alarm clock wakes them up each day.

Being a fashion model is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and luxurious careers for young men and women. Between wearing the most fabulous clothes and accessories, being internationally recognized and having your team of personal trainers and stylists to keep you looking your best, it’s no surprise that young people will go to such extreme lengths to pursue their dreams as a model.

Yet the issue with the model industry is that it is riddled with… well, riddles! With such high demand for a role in this industry, the competition is as fierce as ever, and unfortunately, many young men and women won’t cut.

Yet for those who do, life as a model can be a sweet, sweet dream. But just to give you an even better idea, here is what life as a fashion model can be like.

“So what’s so good about being a model, anyway?”

Being a model is one of the few careers that pay handsomely in terms of cash and enjoyment. It’s the super glittering perception of being a model that makes it so irresistible to many young men and women. There are endless advantages of being a model.

Models are often paid huge salaries for the work they do. These models also have the freedom to create their schedule and model whenever they want, meaning their working hours and income are entirely within their control. A model’s salary could be more than $1000 per day, and those at the top of the game could rake in telephone-number salaries.

These people also get to travel all over the world, perhaps the biggest perk of being a model. What’s best is, all these expenses will be covered by the agency or company you are with. You will be with people from all over the world. When abroad (and even at home), many models could expect free bills when they visit malls and restaurants or other places. Some might also be offered fashionable clothes for free after the shows.

And of course, models effortlessly receive the attention and publicity that so many wanna-be stars are desperate for. They instantly become the center of attention at almost any social gathering. People frequently want to be around models since they recognize you, and you will rarely struggle to find a company.

All of that just for looking pretty… can it get much better than that?

Modeling is like a Mountain Climb

Building a career in modeling is often compared to a mountain climb. Sure, the view from the top is fabulous, but it takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work to get there, and unfortunately for the majority of young men and women, it’s a climb left unfinished.

It’s tragic to see so many young people forced to give up on their dreams because they have no other options. Eventually, time and money both run-out and thousands of young men and women won’t get the big break they have been waiting for.


What makes the difference?

But why do so many people get this breakthrough? Simple. They almost always know the underground ‘secrets’ of the modeling industry. The exact strategies and tricks that are used by nearly every successful model to work their way to the top of the industry.

These secrets have been discovered for years now, learned through hundreds of successful models who have put in the hard work to earn the lavish lifestyle that they now have. But there has never been away for regular people just like you and me to learn these kinds of secrets, until now.

Secrets to Become a Model: The Book

Let’s say you were to cross a jungle. But not just any jungle, a wild, dangerous one. One that is infested with deadly animals and traps, ready and perhaps willing to harm you at any moment.

Now, would you rather cross this jungle with a map, outlining where each animal is located, and in great detail explaining what areas to avoid? Or would you rather cross the forest blindfolded?

Can you believe that some aspiring models would choose to go through the jungle of their life blindfolded? The jungle of becoming a model without some kind of map? It sounds unbelievable, but it is, unfortunately, what many young people do today.

This book is your roadmap. It is a roadmap for you to cross the (wild) ‘jungle’ of the modeling industry. It outlines in great detail, all the tips, skills, and tricks that aspiring models should be aware of to get ahead of their competition, and exactly what you need to stay away from and avoid to ensure your success.

After reading even just the first chapters of this guide, you will immediately have a significant advantage over the competition in the industry, by entering this secret ‘Underground world’ of successful models, knowing what the right thing to say or do will become almost effortless. You will naturally find yourself being guided on the correct path.

About the Author

So at this stage, you might be wondering what makes this book so unique. The answer to that question is that it is based on real-life experience within the industry.

Kelvin Boon is the owner of Boon Models, a world-renowned model agency spanning all over the world. Boon Models proudly boasts branches in New York and Florida, all the way to Dubai and Mumbai. On top of this, BoonModels is the largest modeling agency in Washington at the time of writing.

Kelvin Boon has used his years of experience on the front line of some of the largest modeling organizations in the world, such as L’Oreal, Vogue, New York Fashion week to create this definite, cutting edge guide on how to get ahead in the modeling world.

More than 100 other companies use Kelvin as their go-to man for their most significant modeling projects. He has worked with almost thousands of models during his career. This experience has never been so well detailed in one guide, until now.

This guide outlines exactly what he has seen, from working with thousands of models throughout his career, and observing exactly what makes them different to those who don’t make the cut.

Are you excited? You should be. This simple, easy to follow guide may be the one that changes your life and career for the better.

Get your guide here!

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