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Free Homeschool Curriculum (27 Freebies!)

This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

Free General Homeschool Curriculum:
How to Move Your Kids from Bored to Engaged – Moving your kids from bored to engaged while they are stuck at home can depend on your parenting style. Use these resources to help you movitate your kids and take them from bored to engaged.
Free Printables About the U.S. Navy – If you’re studying about the different branches of the military, don’t forget the Navy! These Free Printables About the U.S. Navy will go great alongside your lessons on the military in your homeschool.
FREE Summer Reading & Writing Fun Pack – This Summer Reading & Writing Fun Pack is a fun printable companion just in time for summer. It includes 7 pages of reading and writing activities. Inside you’ll find a reading log, reading lists for ages 4-12, a simple book report form and a summer writing prompt list!
Wise Woman Print Set Offer – LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Character-building is so important. Surround your family with insightful quotes from The Wise Woman. If you haven’t read this enchanting story yet, you’re in for a treat. Grab your freebie and access a limited-time offer on the book!

Independence Day Freebies:
FREE Writing Prompts for Independence Day – If you have a child that is a reluctant writer, writing prompts are a fun way to get them writing. Use seasonal and holiday themed prompts to keep kids active with writing. Check out these FREE Independence Day Writing Prompts.
FREE Star-Spangled Banner Copywork Printable – The national anthem is important to teach our children so that they can sing it when it is being sung in large public events. A great way to teach memorization is through handwriting and copywork practice.
FREE Independence Day Puzzles & Activities – This Independence Day Mini Puzzle Unit is full of activities for kids ages preschool through 5th grade. These puzzles are a great way to keep kids engaged this summer while learning a little along the way.
FREE Independence Day Coloring Placemats – Whether you’re having a BBQ with friends and family, or a quiet day at home, kids will ove these FREE Independence Day Coloring Placemats. Just print and lay them out to color while you work on dinner!
Free Language Arts & Fine Arts Homeschool Curriculum:
FREE American Symbols Print Handwriting Practice – Introduce younger elementary students to 17 patriotic symbols while they practice their penmanship with this FREE American Symbols Print Handwriting Practice unit.
FREE Roll a Fairy Tale Printable Pack – Do your kids love fairy tales? Now they can create their own with the Roll a Fairy Tale Printable Pack. Children can use the prefilled page or create their own and then roll the dice to get started. It is a fun, and easy way to encourage them in creative writing.
FREE Story Cubes Printable Pack – Kids can create their own stories with these Story Cube starters. Simply have them roll the printable dice to get up to 5 different images. Then they write a story using them!
FREE 350-Page Music Appreciation Unit of Traditional Songs –We all have our favorite songs, old folk songs and nursery rhymes that everyone has just always seemed to know. Why not take some of these traditional songs and turn them into a fun homeschool unit you can enjoy with your kids? Download this FREE Music Appreciation Unit today!

Free Science Resources:
Free Printables About Food Chains and Food Webs – Although life has always been interconnected, God’s creation was not meant to be what it is today. The web of life was always meant to be interconnected; teach all about it with these free printables about food chains and food webs.
Free Printables and Unit Studies About Spiders -Spiders make a cool topic to research and explore with kids. If you will teach your kids about creepy crawlers, then these free printables and unit studies about spiders will be a great addition to your lessons.
Worksheets to Help Kids Explore the Animal Kingdom – The animal kingdom is a fun subject to explore with your kids. If your kids are anything like mine, they love to learn all about animals and wish they had them as pets. Since they can’t have most animals as pets, studying them will have to be the next best thing. Grab these worksheets to help kids explore the animal kingdom.
Free Geography Homeschool Curriculum:
Resources for Learning About New Zealand – Oceania is the collective name of a region that has thousands of islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean. One of the main landmasses in Oceania is New Zealand. Explore these resources for learning about New Zealand in your homeschool.
FREE Resources for Discovering Grand Teton National Park – Whether you’re visiting national parks this year or planning to in the future, learning about them virtually is a great option. Your family will enjoy these free resources for discovering Grand Teton National Park.

Free Math Resources:
Resources to Teach Economics to Your Kids – There are many hands-on and enjoyable ways to introduce and experience economic principles even in the elementary years. Here are two resources you can use to teach economics to your kids.
FREE Printable Math Bingo Game – Help kids work on their addition facts (1-100) with this printable Math BINGO Game Pack. Includes number cards (1-100) and 5 Bingo Game Cards. Print, laminate for longevity and durability, and play!
FREE Fractions Worksheets for Upper Elementary – If you are learning fractions in your homeschool, you will see that as your children get older, the fractions get trickier and trickier. This is where providing supplemental worksheets can be very useful in helping them to understand and retain what they are learning. Use these high quality fraction worksheets that are perfect for your upper elementary aged children.
FREE Mini Fraction Math Workshop – Do fractions frustrate your kids? Do they struggle to understand exactly what a fraction is? This FREE Mini Fraction Workshop uses a story format and worksheets to introduce your kids to fractions.
FREE Learn to Count Llama Themed Printable Pack – If your kids are learning how to count and love these adorable llamas then they make a great pair for teaching in homeschool. The FREE learn to count printable pack for your preschooler includes 14 pages of activities to help them get a jump start in improving their math skills. It is a super simple print-and-go resource!

Free History Homeschool Curriculum:
Hands-On Activities for Studying Modern History – Are you studying the 1900s in your homeschool this year? Even though I hardly consider the late 1900s “history” it really is for this generation. These resources and hands-on activities for studying modern history will go great alongside your history lessons in the modern era.
Resources for Learning About Canada – Canada is our neighbor! When studying countries of the world, check out these resources for learning about Canada in your homeschool.
FREE Kingdoms and Empires Notebooking Research Journal – From the Achaemenian to the Zapotec, mankind has built kingdoms and empires all over the world. Help students learn about 45 of these kingdoms with this FREE Kingdoms and Empires Notebooking Research Journal.
FREE U.S. Presidents Cheat Sheets – Many of us can name a handful of United States Presidents but can your kids? Help your kids quickly find the names of every United States President and Vice President alongside when he served, what party he belonged to, and whether he was the fifth, fifteenth, twenty-fifth, or even forty-fifth President with these handy FREE U.S. Presidents Cheat Sheets.
FREE Guided Drawing-Famous Explorers – Combine art, history, and even a little geography with this FREE Guided Drawing: Famous Explorers unit! Kids can learn about 10 famous explorers while feeding their artistic side with these fun activities.

Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschool curriculum, deals, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.

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