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How to Stay in Shape During a Pandemic

There are actions you can take to keep in shape, even during these uncertain times. The following are five tips you can use to stay in shape during a pandemic.

There are many reasons why it’s so hard to stay in shape during the pandemic. The gyms are either closed or are at limited availability. Because the children are home, there may not be time to work out. Dealing with stress and anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic can lead to stress eating. And choosing healthy food is a challenge when every trip to the grocery store must be quick and within public health guidelines.

Although letting fitness fall by the wayside during the pandemic is tempting, it may not be the best approach in the long run. Keeping the body fit is part of maintaining a healthy immune system. And now, more than ever, a strong immune system is a necessity. Staying fit during the pandemic isn’t an impossibility. There are actions you can take to keep in shape, even during these uncertain times. The following are five tips you can use to stay in shape during a pandemic.

Use Your Own Body Weight

People become accustomed to the gym. Because they get used to a gym workout, they forget that everything a person needs to get fit is already there. Using your own weight can help keep you fit, even if you have to stay indoors by yourself.

Circuit-type training can be performed alone in your home or yard.  All you might need is a bit of space. Bodyweight movements don’t require gym equipment. Moves such as burpees, squats, and push-ups use your weight to keep the body fit.

Enjoy the Outdoors

The outdoors is an ideal way to get fresh air into the lungs, get some sun, and maintain fitness. When it comes to exercise, think outside the gym. Take a hike or start a water sport, like swimming. Take the family outdoors and make it a family activity.

A pandemic, especially a disease like COVID-19, infects people in more significant numbers when many people are in cramped spaces that aren’t well ventilated. Activities that are held outdoors, if social distancing is adhered to, are less likely to spread disease.

Start Small Group Activities

Get creative and think of activities you can do in small groups and social distance at the same time. Just make sure to clean any equipment used and maintain distance. Activities, particularly those held outdoors, like croquet, badminton, bocce ball, or tennis can keep you active and still be infection-free. Small group activities also make exercise more enjoyable, helping to cut through the stress of a pandemic.

Create a Schedule

Consistency is key. Not only does a routine keep you grounded and calm, but it can also keep you motivated. Rather than finding time to exercise, schedule it in.

During a pandemic, making time to exercise helps both your mental and physical self.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Practicing healthy eating habits during a pandemic takes a bit of discipline and a lot of ingenuity. Stress can create cravings for sweets or salty food. It can also make people overeat. Learning to conquer cravings is the first step to eating healthy. The second step is choosing food from the grocery store that will last for a while but is still healthy. For example, frozen fruits and vegetables and whole-grain bread can keep for long periods but are still healthy choices.

Curbing cravings may take some help. Ask family members to help deter you from overeating or consuming sweets. Social support can also be found through apps and online groups. Sometimes, consulting a therapist or a counselor to help with stress eating can also improve mental health.

You can also lose weight with hypnotherapy. Hypnosis can be performed with a certified hypnotherapist or through audio downloads. By training your mind to make healthy food choices, hypnotherapy can help keep you in shape throughout the pandemic.

You don’t have to struggle to stay in shape during the pandemic. By understanding infection control guidelines, you can decide what your options are for activities. Remaining healthy during a pandemic is essential. With a little careful planning and some support, you can remain fit throughout a pandemic.

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