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Men’s Health Matters: February and March Recap

On my testicular cancer and men’s health awareness website, A Ballsy Sense of Tumor, I write all about my personal cancer journey and men’s health in general. Today, I’m giving you bite-sized summaries of what’s been happening over the past month… Well, actually this edition is the past two months. I seem to have forgotten to write a recap in February so I will just add it to this March recap… Talking about dropping the ball.

Reading has become an integral part of my daily routine. Fellow testicular cancer survivor Joe Bakhoustki wrote a brief survival guide for men facing cancer. It’s a quick and engaging read and I highly recommend it for any man facing cancer or anyone who knows a man about to undergo this journey!

Check out my full review here – Simplify Cancer – A Book Review.

A major component of facing cancer is the aftermath, with its myriad of physical and mental health recovery. One survivor who I have always admired for his candor and honesty is Steve Pake. In “Steve Pake: An Award Winning Cancer Blogger,” he shares his story and what it means to truly thrive beyond cancer.

Back when I had two testicles, Patrick Dempsey starred in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. While that cemented him in my mind as a dynamic on-screen presence, I had no idea he was such a compelling force for cancer advocacy off-screen. In “Patrick Dempsey on Cancer Survivorship,” I share a conversation I had with him about his experiences with his mother’s ovarian cancer diagnosis and how he’s decided to change the world.

Two testicular cancer survivors and Band of Ballers alumni, Jason Greenspan and Thomas Cantley, have come together to create National National Ball Check Day. I sat down with them to learn more about their new initiative in “National Ball Check Day”.

In addition to doing the aforementioned review of his book, I invited Joe to share his complete story. Be sure to read it here – Joe Bakhmoutski: Simplify Cancer.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of April’s features. While we are dealing with the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, it’s also Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Read how I propose merging the two in “Testicular Cancer Awareness Month x COVID-19”.

That wraps up February and March’s recap(s) of A Ballsy Sense of Tumor. Hopefully, I will remember to keep the ball rolling in April! Until next time, Carpe Scrotiem.


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