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5 Ways Essential Oils Can Boost Your Results in the Gym

5 Ways Essential Oils Can Boost Your Results in the Gym

Many fitness enthusiasts are reaching for supplements to maximize their gains in the gym and get rid of excess fat. But what if you could do the same using an all-natural approach? Essential oils have gained popularity in recent years. People are using essential oils to boost the effectiveness of their household cleaners. Others are using these natural oils to reap their health benefits. Did you know that you can use essential oils to boost your weight lifting results? Below are various ways you can use essential oils to elevate your fitness routine.

1. Improve Workout Recovery

Your muscles can get sore after each intensive workout. As a result, you might skip a few days to help your body recover. Essential oils can make a big difference in improving workout recovery and reducing the time it takes for your body to completely heal after each workout. To reap this benefit, stretch your overworked muscles to avoid injury. Then, grab a foam roller and apply a few drops of essential oils to it. Use the roller and expect to get some major relief from your muscle pain and soreness.

2. Wake up the Body

If you’re one of those people who swear by morning workouts, then you’ll really enjoy the benefits you’ll get from using an essential oil diffuser in the AM. For those mornings when you just feel too tired and lazy to workout, just put a few drops of your essential oils in your diffuser and prepare to awaken your senses. Juniper essential oil is great for this. According to research, juniper helps wake up the body and decrease fatigue.

3. Moisturize Your Hands

If you lift weights on the regular, your hands are likely taking a beating. That’s because lifting weights can cause calluses and dry hands. Applying essential oils to your hands is a great way to ensure they don’t rip, tear or become bruised. It can really suck if your hands aren’t in the best shape for weight lifting as this can cause a major setback. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your hands and keep them in lifting shape.

You can make your own hand moisturizing concoction with beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and a nice blend of essential oils. Panaway and wintergreen essential oils soothe your skin and muscles. Frankincense helps the skin heal and promotes overall skin health. Peppermint creates a great cooling sensation and stimulates blood flow.

4. Increase Mobility 

When it comes to pre-workouts, you want to prepare your muscles and joints to move well. To do this, you must heat them up through movement (i.e., stretching). Essential oils can also help provide warmth to the muscles. Black pepper, lemongrass, clove and cinnamon essential oils are great for this. However, be careful when applying them to the skin. To avoid irritation, be sure to mix these oils with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Then, rub the oil blend onto joints that are usually stiff or inflexible.

5. Stay Focused

Lots of people don’t realize that working out requires focus and drive. If you’re not focused or driven enough to keep going, then you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Essential oils are so powerful that they can positively impact your ability to focus. Tangerine and orange essential oils, in particular, are known to improve focus and alertness. To get the optimal results, put a few drops of tangerine and orange into a glass bottle filled with water. Then, spritz it on your face and muscles during your workout. Citrus oils can also help balance and manage the nervous system’s functions. Furthermore, they absorb through the skin and enter the blood, improving circulation.

Who would’ve thought essential oils could be so important for fitness?  But then again, they have health benefits, so it makes sense that they can help with workout performance too.

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